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About Me.

I started out playing around with developing game concepts in Unity and slowly learning C# as I went along. I played around modifying an asset and was then asked if I could create some custom integrations for BitFreaks Shootout. After a few integrations I also managed to add in the ability to load a users NFTs into Unity WebGL applications which led me to develop my Unity WebGL Solana Integration asset and that began my journey in the Solana NFT space.
I did some research into creating a Discord Bot in Node.js and managed to put together a basic Sales Bot for a Solana NFT Collection which you can see in use in the Happy Collectors Discord. I then moved on to expand on that and create a Wallet Tracker Bot to follow the activities of a Solana Wallet and post them to a Discord channel which is how the Wallet Tracker Module for PuppyTools came about.
I intend to continue developing in the Solana space providing more tools to make the users life easier.


My Focus

One Place

I aim to help you find all of your Solana tool needs in one singular place

Easy Payments

Pay online or contact me for direct payments


Supporting users of my assets is always at the forefront of my priorities


Knowing my users are happy is always the number one benefit

Something from the ‘Tube


The Team


Founder & Developer




Assets Developed


Satisfied Clients


Positive Feedbacks


Freebies Released



Wallet Tracker (Source)


one off


Market Listing

Market Buys / Sales

SOL Transactions

Token Transactions

Track your own wallets

Use different channels for each wallet

Modify the code freely

More to be added…

Wallet Tracker (Hosted)


per month


Market Listing

Market Buys / Sales

SOL Transactions

Token Transactions

Track your own wallets

Use different channels for each wallet

Receive any updates that are added to the Source bot

Set up and Hosted by Shiffed so you don’t see or worry about the backend

More to be added…

Wallet Tracker (Mirror)


per month


Market Listing

Market Buys / Sales

SOL Transactions

SPL Token Transactions

40+ Wallets Tracked

You pay & supply a Webhook URL

More to be added…

Solana Discord Sales Bot


per month


Receive Discord Updates of Sales

All by Discord Webhook

You set the Name & Icon

My Bot does the legwork

Simple and Affordable

Unity Solana WebGL Integration




Easily utilize NFTs in Unity WebGL games

Documentation & Support

Demos included

Phantom & Solflare login

Easily expandable

Still being updated…

De-Rugging Service




Grab Hashlist

Grab all Metadata

Grab Images (Optional)

Holder Snapshot

Re-Minting Collection (Optional)

Airdrop / Distribution (Optional)



Feel free to provide feedback to share!

“Shiffed was happy to assist with some extra feature implementations in our Shootout game, some extra troubleshooting / bugfixes & is also now a member of our community”



“I have been using the wallet tracker for a few months now. I love it. I can tell it which wallets to track and I can see what they are up to with very minimal effort in a very easy to use interface embedded within discord. I personally like to follow two of my favourite influencers to see how genuine they are and if they are just dumping on followers or actually holding projects they shill. I recommend the wallet tracker and love all the updates that come out for it.”



“To make $ in NFTs you need to flip the right stuff, using the Wallet Tracking tool you get to watch the wallets that make or manipulate the market and can get gains like they do in real time.”



“I initially started looking for a Solana integration in unity. Many other options out there seemed either half-baked or were missing the obvious wallet integration feature. Shiffed’s tools were exactly what I was looking for; No bloatware, clean and effective. But, it didn’t stop there. I can honestly say, I have never in my life experienced any kind of customer relations on this level. Not only did he help me troubleshoot all my burdening technical questions, but he quite literally helped launch my project into full swing. He introduced me to a bevy of discord tools (he himself had developed), and mentored me in so many ways. A true professional of the highest order. If you ever have the privilege to work with him, consider yourself the luckiest sob period.”


Roland Studios

Why select us?

Tested Tools

I supply a select few communities with my tools who put them through their paces before they hit the market


I try to competitively price any asset I release to give even the smallest projects the best quality tools


I’m not hiding anything, I aim to be completely transparent with any direction I’m heading

One Place

Access all the tools you would need in one place


I have a support Discord for all my assets where any questions are welcome or even just DM me


I genuinely appreciate each and every person who has chosen to use any service I provide

Check out our partnerships & collaborations


BitFreaks are a pixelated, bizarro duplicate of our universe living on Solana blockchain. They are a digital pieces of art, carefully put together pixel by pixel – that you can collect, trade and enjoy.

We work with BitFreaks to help with new features in their ‘Shootout’ game and also good mutual exchanges of information and expertise.


The 1st & only Solana NFT to tap into the power of passive income via crypto mining.

We are glad to be partner with the MetaGnomes community to assist in the development on useful Solana utilities.


Get in Touch

Contact me

DM me on Discord Shiffed#2071 or email [email protected]