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Solana Unity WebGL Integration


Do you want to get started using Solana NFTs in your WebGL game but don’t know where to start? Start with what you know! No need to learn anything extra.

If you are looking for a quick & simple solution to start using Solana Crypto Assets in your WebGL game then this asset could get you started in no time at all. It’s as simple as just creating the build
Ready out of the box!
We now don’t even need a specific WebGL Template! Just add the scene you want to try and hit Build!
Use your own WebGL Template!
Now there is no need to even select my original supplied WebGL template! The required script dependencies are added to the page via the scripts at runtime!
Access everything you need!
The data is all passed to a GameObject in your scene that can be accessed by any script.
NFT metadata is stored in an instantiated Scriptable Object which is all kept in a list you can easily reference.
Keeping it tidy
This asset includes well commented scripts so you know what each part is doing making it easier to follow and edit where you want.
Demos Supplied
As of v1.4, 3 Demos are supplied.
Card Demo – Showcases an example of how to instantiate each NFT and its metadata into your Scene.
Gallery Demo – Showcases and example of instantiating NFT images in a 3D Gallery style environment
SOL Transaction Demo – Provides an example of the new SOL Transaction function’s usage
Don’t burst your budget
I am to keep this asset competitively priced. The price will increase once more features are added but will still and always remain great for a low budget.
The Community!
I aim to help the projects of users in any way that I can whether it’s potentially holding a Twitter Spaces for users to talk about their projects, giving you a space to showcase or helping provide extra tools to kick start their Discord setup like sales bot and server template.
Planned updates

Support to display all formats of NFT media, SPL Transactions, Custom instructions in transactions e.g. minting

Running into trouble?
This asset has been developed and updated using Unity 2021.3.0f1 (2021 LTS) and WILL NOT work below 2021.
Documentation is provided in package and online and you can also join the Support Discord


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