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PuppyTools // PuppyLink


Staking Solana NFTs becomes way too costly when you hold large amounts of a collection and you shouldn’t have to further pay to benefit from an NFT that you have already paid for. I came up with a simple solution which makes Staking 100% Free & Non Custodial for holders and is integrated to Discord.

This is currently being tested for select members in the RolandStudios Discord as I have integrated it with the Carebot system


The Process

PuppyLink consists of 2 parts; A Discord Bot and a Website. All a user will need to do is visit the website to link their Solana wallet and Discord account and that information is saved in the database accessible from the Discord Bot. The Discord Bot would then perform a daily snapshot of the wallets NFTs and compare again the previous snapshot.

For each NFT held in the previous and current snapshot it will count that as a full day of staking and reward the users Discord account with a currency in the database.

The project owners can create an SPL Token to act as a counterpart for the currency and a user will be able to simply use a /withdraw command in Discord to withdraw their selected amount of the tokens to their linked wallet.


The only costs involved in this process is by the Project Team themselves for the initial purchase of the PuppyLink System, then the running costs of the Bot and Website (minimal costs) and finally just the transaction fees for users withdrawing their tokens.