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TheCollectiv // Pepe Sylvia


The initial objective of Pepe Sylvia was to be a Solana Project Rug Detector Tool. After the initial creation, it made more sense to be able to control the use of it inside Discord for certain user roles. It was then migrated into a Discord Bot and then also backed with a web frontend for viewing results



Users can give Pepe Sylvia a wallet address, NFT mint address or a collection symbol and it will start tracking SOL transactions and create a branch of the transactions whilst searching for any addresses that it currently has in it’s ‘Rug’ database and will flag it up and potentially connected to a Rug, and provide the user with a link to w web view of the transaction structure.

Along with that, Pepe also has some Meme commands to provide GIFs from ‘It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia’


As Pepe is searching through wallet transactions, if it comes across an overly high account balance (more than likely an exchange), it will add it to it’s Exchanges database, it will not follow past exchange accounts.