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Wallet Tracker

To purchase one of these services please contact me on Discord at Shiffed#2071 or join the server HERE


The Hosted version of the Wallet Tracker is exactly the same as the Source version but without direct access to the code itself. The bot will be set up and hosted for you.

After payment, the bot will be set up, you will then need to invite it to your server (an invitation link will be provided), the commands will then be added to your server and you will be able to change their usage permissions in Server Settings > Integrations.

Once you’ve set your permissions you will be all ready to go.


the Mirror version of Wallet Tracker is a much simpler service for those who do not wish to deal with any setup or wallet inputs.

You will receive updates to a channel of your choosing in your Discord via a Webhook which you will need to supply. You can set the Webhook’s avatar and name to anything you want.

You will then receive updates from a predetermined list of 40+ influencer and whale wallets to the channel you supplied a Webhook for.

A demonstration of this output can be seen in my Discord before purchase.